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How To Submit Your Site

Oldering is a Directory of sites which offer Information, Products or Services Specifically for Older People.

No other submissions qualify for free listing.

  1. Listing for qualified sites is Free of Charge - And Always Will Be.
  2. Listing for relevant quality non-qualifying sites is charged at GBP £50.00 per annum - please email your application
  3. No reciprocal listing is required or expected (but thanks to those who give one!)
  4. Assemble the following information:
  5. Choose the CATEGORY that best suits your site - take a look at the other entries to see if they match your niche.
  6. The TITLE - that's the title visitors see on your page; not a mess of keywords.
  7. The DESCRIPTION - a summary of your site in a sentence or two; a list of keywords is not acceptable.
  8. Please note that submissions will be edited for content, style, accuracy, honesty, deviation, repetition, blurb, marketing vacuity and more. The Editor's Decisions Are Final; if you are unhappy with the concise, communicative entry that eventually appears, feel free to email and we will remove the entry for you.
  9. On the other hand, if there are errors, I'll be very happy to correct them.
  10. Send the information to us by email:

Thank You for submitting your site to Oldering.co.uk

To make this site really useful - and to keep it that way - this is an 'Open Internet' exercise: please submit any working site which exists specifically for Older People. Sites will be listed, and categorised to make your search easier.


If you like us, please tell your friends. If you don't, please tell us!

If you cannot find an appropriate category, submit the 'nearest' you can find, and write to suggest a new one, if needed.

We want to list as many sites as we can; however, on rare occasions submissions are declined, for various reasons which may include legal matters, false advertising, search engine bad neighborhood, or other reasons. The editor's decision is final, and is not open for discussion.

All submissions are acknowledged (except spammers, of course!).

Andrew Heenan

Legal Notices

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Copyright matters: I do not expect payment for use of any of this material (c'mon!), and I am happy to admit that I have shamelessly borrowed from all over the web. But I created these pages and worked into the night to edit the material and put it all together, and I assert whatever rights I have.

In other words ... If you do copy any or all of it, please give me due credit, and quote the site address too: http://www.oldering.co.uk/

We accept no liability whatsoever in contract, tort or otherwise for any loss or damage caused or arising directly or indirectly in connection with the contents of this website except to the extent that such liability cannot be excepted by law. So there.

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